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About us

Locksmith Monroe is your trusted security source. With more than 15 years of experience, our experts are capable of fulfilling every kind of task within this field. We offer a large variety of locks, security doors, closed­circuit camera systems, alarms and much more. Our mission is to give you the tools and means to protect your dearests and feel protected yourself.


Kian Schofield and Locksmith Monroe are a living example of how a problem can derive into a successful business idea. After finishing his locksmithing training, Kian worked for years to gain experience and learn how successful companies were directed, before attempting something on his own. He became frustrated with the suboptimal response capabilities of the agency he worked for, and that gave him an idea. He decided to do something different and focus on the most important aspect of a locksmith business: time. He abandoned his job and opened his own locksmith service. With a little storefront and his loyal motorbike, he managed to solve lots of lockout situations in the city. As years passed, he observed their clients’ needs and adapted his services to each one of them. Soon, he built a strong customer base and realized he couldn’t be in two places at the same time: it was expansion time. Buying additional mobile units and hiring a complete crew was the next challenge. He started with a little Van and two skilled technicians. They were a huge improvement and helped a lot in the business growth. By increasing their offer, they managed to reach farther locations across the county and started an emergency service.

So what’s next?

Locksmith Monroe is on the path to success. We hold strong values, talented employees, and passion for serving. In the next years, we want to open new storefronts and expand our services to new locations. We appreciate your interest in visiting our webpage and encourage you to keep reading about our fantastic services!